Bird's Nest Essence Enzyme

Contents: 0.14g/pack 5 pcs/pack & 30 pcs/pack

Fermented natural swiflets nest extract and 42 types of natural ingredients from Japan.



  • Product Features

    This Enzyme is made with Japanese craftmanship. With highest grade of authentic swfitlet's nest extract and 42 different local botanic ingredients. It helps you to take care inner digest and strengthen immue system

  • Ingredients · Nutrition ingredient display

    Ingredients: Prune Extract, fermented swiftlets nest extract, sugarbeet, eleutherococcus senticosus extract * No flavoring, colouring or preservative used

    Contents of fermented swiflets nest extract: swiflets nest, angelica keiskei, guava leaf, curmuca zedoaria, aloe leaf, artemisia princeps, polygonatum odoratum, imonome, turmeric, plantago aisatica, houttuynia cordata, rumex japonicus, clerodendrum trichotomum leaf, arrowroot stalk and leaf, mulberry leaf, yakushima bamboo, lily bulb, araliaelata, glucyrrizha, japanese thistle, unicorn plant, giant butterbur, shiso, daikon, soy bean, cabbage, garlic, citrus ponkan, citrus tankan, fig, plum Chinese quince, cumquat, bitter orange, blueberry, passion fruits, papaya, loquat, polypore (bracket fungus), kelp, brown sugar, white sugar (swiflets nest are from Malaysia, all other materials are from Japan)

    Shelf life: 1 year

    nutritional component (per 3.9 g)

    * Analytical test results by the Japan Food Research Laboratory

  • How to Consume

    Recomended to consume one stick per day. It shall taste better after refrigerated. Please eat at your favorite time such as in the morning or before going to bed.


    ※ Please check the raw materials, and please refrain in case if you have certain elergy. Refrain eating if the products does not match your body constitution.

  • Storage
    • Please keep in a cool place or refrigerator and avoid hot and humid place or direct sunlight.
    • When unpacking the package, open it from the slit.
    • Please open slowly so that contents does not scattered.
    • Consume immediately once opened